Saving Roll

During my time in college, I was able to be a part of several different productions. Saving Roll was probably my favorite project. Myself and three other students followed a group of six local actors while they put on live dungeons and dragons shows in an attempt to save a beloved black box theater.

Henna Crowns of Courage

In 2018, I interned at Henna Crowns of Courage for the summer. I was tasked with creating videos and producing podcasts.

Promotional & Marketing

For a year after graduating college, I worked at a marketing company called Design Force. While there, I was able to be a part of several promotional videos for all different kinds of clients. This was one video I had a lot of fun making with the client.


This is an early project from college that I hold dear to my heart. One of my first project assignments was to do a 2-3 minute project on a person, place, or thing. Immediately, I knew that I was going to be focusing on my brother. You see, a week before, he had been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. It was very hard for me to be away from my family during this time. I knew it’d be important for my brother to see a piece of this dark moment in his life. It’d be important for my family to see what we had gone through.

Real Estate Video
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Branding Video
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Custom Video
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